Keravy, and a building project for Georges and Brian.

Manuela has been working steadily since moving into her new home just two years ago on her garden, lawn and landscaping, and has transformed the blank landscape of a new home, into a colourful ‘French country garden’, and it looks beautiful.

Freida the Husqvarna robot mower takes good care of keeping the new lawn in shape, working tirelessly, only taking a break every hour or so for a quick recharge before heading right back out.                            I suggested they rename it, Craig, after our fantastic neighbour, and excellent lawn maintenance man, but Georges likes the idea of a Frieda ‘cutting his grass’ instead of a Craig.

Georges is excellent at commanding a huge army of soldiers in battle, but Manuela wasn’t so sure about his ability to build a trellis strong enough to withstand the biting winds of Brittany, and knowing that we were only in Paris before heading down their way for a visit, suggested to Georges he could ask Brian for a little help with the construction.  If Craig and Roger are reading this, you are both probably having a good belly laugh right now, thinking back to Brian building our arbour at home).

By the time we arrived George had the job planned with military precision, even making up a cheat sheet that Brian could use if he needed to go to the hardware store, with all the necessary words in both French and English such as hammer – marteau,  to dig – creuser,  to drill – percer, concrete – béton, and one he didn’t need any help with, beer – bière.

There was the usual standing, looking and discussing the job site, and Brian mentioned more than once that he usually just calls the concrete pump for his jobs, instead of using a watering can and a bag of concrete.

But soon the job was done, I barely had time between loads to snap a few pics they were so fast and while I tested out Manuela’s new washing machine on our mountain of laundry, the guy’s got the job done,                                      

So now all it needs are some lovely climbing plants, and by the Spring it will be beautiful like the rest of Manuela’s garden.

Our time with the Gautier’s wasn’t all building and laundry though, one night while the boys went to see a Rugby match, Manuela and I went out for lovely dinner at my favourite restaurant in Vannes.  We also were invited to attend the 10th-anniversary party at an Organic Farm that was catered by one of the ‘fancy’ restaurants they sell to, delicious food and a live band, and best of all we got to see Sophie, Georges daughter there as well. 

Manuela, Sophie and Georges

Our time with the Gauthier’s always includes a trip to see the ocean, and this particular day a very famous French Sailing Race, the Tour Bretagne Voile was finishing, and we got to see the magnificent yachts up close.

All too soon it was time to say au revoir, but the Loire Valley beckons us once again.

6 thoughts on “Keravy, and a building project for Georges and Brian.”

    1. Hi Su and Dick, how was the reunion Su? Hope Dick is feeling better as well.
      We are moving and with very limited wifi so way behind with the blog, hoping to catch up with you and the blog when at our next housesit in Castres in about a month.

  1. 😘💕The trellis resisted to the last winds and we look forward to seeing you for new adventures ! See you and if Craig is OK to help us next time, welcome ! Not to “cut the grass” !!! But just to build a arbor 😂 and drink a beer. Love to all.

  2. You are having such a wonderful time and making some fantastic memories. All good here on the Sunshine Coast.

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