Bonjour mes amis!

front of house and our bedroom window is open
wisteria on house front, our bedroom is the 2nd from the right.
back of house one side (we think Patrick’s wine cellar is in that small doorway, it wasn’t on the tour hahah)

When we saw this housesit advertised months ago now, we knew right away it would be a good one for us.                The timing was perfect, August is such a busy holiday time in Europe, so a good time for us to be off the road.                                                                                                                                             There wasn’t a lot of pictures in Wendy’s advert, just the two Jack Russell’s, and one of the back garden, but in the notes was that the house was in the country near Versailles, how perfect is that.                                                       

Mona loves brian
Mona at the kitchen window
Mona loves to catch the hose water
Mona, Brian, and Fanny watering the garden

I couldn’t get that application off fast enough!

We arrived the afternoon before our house sit starts as usual and Wendy, originally from Ireland and Patrick, a born and bred Parisian showed us around the vast 100yr old farmhouse, and the grounds, about 1 acre in total of hedged gardens, an orchard and the vege patch, full of soon to be ripe tomatoes and pumpkins!

loads of tomatoes

We also met Fanny and Mona, who are just so funny and a breeze to care for.

Mona, the mischievious
Fanny always looks sad, but she is really a lovely dog

The name of the village is Autouillet, and it consists of a church that is closed because it’s undergoing renovations, but the builders are on vacation, a Marie or the town hall, also closed for the Mayor’s holiday in August, and about four dozen houses.  To say it’s quiet is an understatement.

The Marie or Town Hall
Renovating the old church
The old lavoir (communal laundry/washing area)

We use less than a quarter of this massive house, just our large bedroom upstairs and its bathroom, complete with claw-footed bathtub, it’s typical French kitchen and breakfast area.  The house also has two staircases, formal and informal dining rooms, six bedrooms and eight toilets, (that I have found so far).   The first couple of days I got lost, and more than once!

where we hang out the most
kitchen area
the back stairs, we use these the most
one of the hallways upstairs
another sitting room
hall and front entry
the front stairs
formal dining room
formal sitting room with piano

The grounds must have been an idyllic place for Wendy and Patrick’s children, hide and seek would have gone on forever, so many places to hide.

one of the three garden areas
another garden
tomatoes and more tomatoes
pond and fountain
gateway to the orchard
the old orchard
gateway to back garden
one of the barns and Mona looking hopefully at the dog leads
this big building on the left is the garage, Brian is a little envious

Paris is 40 minutes away by train, and Thoiry with its huge 16th-century châteaux and safari zoo, supermarket, pharmacy and a couple of restaurants about a 10-minute walk, you can actually hear, see and smell the animals from the path down the road early in the morning.

Thoiry Chateaux

We are surrounded by forest as well, so great for walks that we do take the dogs on most afternoons, even though they certainly have a large enough yard to exercise.

going for a walk
front of a local house covered with wisteria
ivy-covered walls
the local lanes and streets
old road signs
in the village of Thoiry
what we see on our walks, quiet village roads
This is actually a telecommunication tower, disguised as a tree
you really have to look at it twice. Maybe a good idea for the Moffat Beach residents that didn’t want that proposed tower

So this is where we will spend August, taking a few day trips into Paris and the surrounding area, but mainly just enjoying being here.

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    1. Yes it is pretty special. Sorry about all the emails about a new post, but having trouble with the auto send, so playing around with buttons hahah. Also the Spain Alpaduras is from last year, but for some reason didnt get posted/sent, maybe wifi dropped out, don’t know, anyway all good here apart from some technical probs, hope you are all well, love to all

  1. Love that telecommunications Tower. All ours should be like that, maybe palm trees instead though.
    What a wonderful house sit.

    1. It is a great house sit. Yes, isn’t that a wonderful idea for the telecommunications tower, first we had ever seen, and Brian noticed it on his morning walks, driving by it just blends into the forest

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