Werner and Brian and their Fat Rhino beers

It seems our good friends the Wendls seem to go on vacation whenever we decide to visit.  A coincidence, or do we just have bad timing?

But this time they are camping at the Staffelsee which happens to be right on our way coming from Austria, and we are looking forward joining them there for a couple of days, before heading to their quiet and empty lovely home so we can do a little maintenance on Hermione.

The Staffelsea is a lake in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district of Bavaria, in southern Germany and is just the place to be with the heat wave that Europe is experiencing right now.

Werner giving us a push off, we look like pros!
Gisela and Lea getting the paddle board ready
and she’s up!

We kayak around the lake and over to one of the seven islands, while Gisela, Leonie, Felix, and Lea have a paddle on a SUP.  

We made it !

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