Stuttgart, Porsche and Mercedes Car Museums

Well to say Brian was in his element these past two day’s is really an understatment.

Stuttgart is home to both Porsche and Mercedes museum’s and we spent the best part of a day at each of them.

Brian checking out a new work truck for Craig Abraham

The cars were very impressive, but I have to say architecturally the  Mercedes building was the standout for us both.  Eight levels of off form concrete in curves, ramps and with the best finish Brian has ever seen.  Pod like elevators that showed  short car videos on the opposite wall took you up to the top level, and from there ramps gently bought you from floor to floor,  all with a very impressive collection of cars.

The city of Stuttgart was also lovely, and was much more than we expected from a huge automobile manufacturing centre.  Huge parks, a great transit system of street cars and trains, a fantastic old palace and the best museum of History we have seen in a long time.

The old palace in Stuttgart




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