GERMANY… Bavaria

Our good friends, Gisela and Werner live in Bavaria, Germany in a lovely town called Kaufering just east of Munich.

We first met the Wendl’s in 2009 in Morocco.  At that time they were travelling in their caravan with Leonie (5) and Felix (3), and Lea was just the size of a peanut, and we have kept in contact with Skype and visits regularly since then.  We travelled together in Morocco and had great adventures in Marrakesh, then trip into the Sahara by camel staying overnight in a Bedouin tents, and so much more.

Werner, like our friend Georges in France, makes sure that Brian tastes all the local beers, and other local delicacies like Leberkase, literally ‘liver cheese’, although there is not a speck of cheese in it.  It’s actually a mix of finely ground corned beef, pork and bacon baked as a loaf in a pan, then you eat with sweet Bavarian mustard, a pretzel or on a semmel (bread roll).   It’s filling, and not for the faint hearted, a good workers lunch that is usually accompanied by a beer.  I like the pretzel.

Kaufering is very close to the Romantic Road, a 350km route through quintessentially German towns and scenery with castles, which was a medieval trade route that linked towns.   A great drive if you ever visit Germany.

There was an event in Landsberg, just down the road, for Hymermobiles built before 1983, so sadly Hermione didn’t qualify, but we did go and check out all the old Wohnmoblies.  I would have loved to look inside some of them. 

It has been lovely to visit the Wendl’s this week, and we plan on meeting up during the summer in France for more Hijinks in a Hymer.

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